post-its swingers
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    • RT @gracecooke26: A happy memory! @Re_Anon The screening of our animated films at Bafta 1 week ago
    • Phew. The new Metallica demo was playing as the door gave way. A protective shield of metal protected me and blew their tiny, little minds. 3 weeks ago
    • They are trying to kick down my door with their shiny, pink Doc Martens. The masks of make up are freaking me out. I can't escape! 3 weeks ago
    • Uh oh. I see an army of scooter riding tweens with bare midriffs on the horizon. Pray for me. 3 weeks ago
    • Is anyone else concerned by this new Little Mix dictatorship us women are living in? I didn't vote and I refuse to salute. 3 weeks ago
post-its swingers

post-it quote #5

Post-it quote #5: Swingers. I’m not sure, but, I think I really captured the essence of Jon Favreau here. It’s uncanny.


Eating Monster Munch and listening to Monster Mash

The amazing stop motion studio Laika run a monthly creative challenge. This is for ‘Monsters On The Beach” and I couldn’t think past the Hammer monsters, well, past the Mummy building pyramid shaped sandcastles. The rest just followed but now I think about it, the Wolfman would be a really good swimmer. Hmm…I should’ve given … Continue reading


Model Of Simplicity

After an age of not getting to do any stop motion I finally got a chance on this project for Woodsfilm. I spent two weeks in a third floor Shoreditch office, animating 3 inch puppets and making blu-tack my new best friend. It was a challenge but it was great fun. The brief was to … Continue reading


Scaredy Pirate

Drew myself as a pirate for a Skwigly Challenge. Being honest about it I would make a terrible pirate.

Xmas card
early worm

But for how long…

This little worm might as well butter himself because he is toast.

Post-It Quote #4: Empire Strikes Back

post-it quote #4

Post-it quote #4: The Empire Strikes Back. This funny square with painted over plugs stares at me from the wall in work. As soon as I saw it it made me think of a Post-It Han Solo trapped in carbonite which luckily comes with a classic quote. It’s like the universe wants me to make … Continue reading

Today the Dollar was down

A Tiny Story : The Dollar

This is my first attempt at a tiny story. The original drawing had little hands and feet but I decided it looked a bit silly once it was coloured. I took them out in Photoshop, which might not sound much to most people but it’s a big deal for me. It’s never been my style, … Continue reading

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